Tuesday, July 03, 2007

questions, no answers

here's what i wonder today.

1. regarding the real and the illusory present ~ the present = my truth, i believe. that means the actions and behaviour i currently execute ~ they exist in the REAL. all the structure of society that surrounds me ... that's the illusory part. i guess, what puzzles me is the notion of this existence as a dream state.

does that mean, then, that when our spirits cease to reincarnate, we finally wake up? that when we stop 'living' (corporeally) we finally leave the dream state? what then? what then ... when we 'wake up' ...? i wonder ....

2. you would agree with my analogy of the human entity as a vessel, correct? then ... why, i wonder, do so many humans live as though filling their vessel(s) will make them lighter? by filling i mean possessiveness, jealously, greed, urge to dominate. and, i mean lighter, in the sense of peace and happiness. perhaps the answer to this one partly lies in ego, and our inherent inability to release our Selves from its grasp?

3. do you think that the spirits of those who have died can visit us ... such as in our dreams? do you think dreams can serve a purpose ... like a visionary purpose ...? or do you think of dreaming as purely neurological?

4. your analogy of compressing/oppressing the spring and agitation of the human spirit~how clever; i feel like that spring you spoke of. i wonder, how does one stay connected to one's spouse, without feeling stifled by the connection?


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