Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 15

  1. For the beauty that nature provides ~ particularly the pink and magenta magnolias
  2. For time spent with Martin (my husband)
  3. For the motivation that 101 Things in 1001 Days provides me, with respect to accomplishing things I may not have taken the time to accomplish
  4. For sunny skies, when weather forecasters predicted rain
  5. For the inspiration that Georgia O'Keefe provides me in the artistry of my photography 
  6. For the 'helping hand' I received today 


benjibopper said...

wow, i was just telling another blogger about georgia o'keefe. love her work.

this journal's a great idea. what am i thankful for today? hmm: 1. my cats, 2. phone call from my wife who is out of province at the moment, 3. peace and quiet, but also 4. that the peace and quiet is only temporary, and will eventually be noise and chaos again, and 5. dark roast coffee.

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