Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 44

On Mother's Day, for supper, we ate at the Lighthouse Mission. I observed, with deep awe, how the staff (mostly volunteer, I assumed) worked diligently at their individual role, and together with the other staffers, to process an enormous amount of people in a reasonably short period of time. They did everything with utmost respect. As I glanced over to the kitchen, while eating my meal, I felt as though peering into the mechanics of a fine Swiss watch. I doubted that I would see that many people in a commercial kitchen. And I felt the humility of gratitude. And the joy.

Earlier that afternoon, I'd discovered The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, where, when I happened to walk in for the first time ever, they had some lovely warm vegetarian currie, and flatbread from the Temple. The smell of a fine, true curry. Ahhhh, I breathed it in ... and I savoured the taste, the texture, the temperature ... of it on my tongue. I found the atmosphere of the centre incredibly welcoming and non-judgemental ... and respectful. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the presence the women in the centre**, who, just like me, sought a warm, safe place just to be ... and in the company of only women . What a treasure ~ the company of others who can be, without masks or contrivances, and without needing to fill every silent space that frequently floats around the human realm.

Despite the cast of characters that animated this centre, I felt completely blissful and free to BE ROXANNE. And that felt good. And, for that, I'm grateful.

**I typically feel uncomfortable in a group of women ... I prefer the platonic company of men


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