Monday, June 15, 2009

I Drank Some Ants Today

I drank some fucking ants today! I had my thoughts in several different places as I raised the glass of reasonably stale cola to my lips and took a sip. The I felt something ... at first I thought it was my hair. Then when I looked at the rim of the glass I saw a frenzy of the little critters crawling around the rim of my glass! Of course I shrieked and the spit the stuff out into the nearest garbage bin. And quickly brought the glass to the sink, which remains piled with dishes that Jonathan Baxter has yet to do, even after several days.

I did not get to talk to Pilot on his birthday (June 13). Despite his brother's cynicism and misery and obvious resentment, many of my thoughts that day went to Pilot. That's all I can write about Pilot right now. Something else has monopolized my heart and mind today. Even after staying up all night and partying into the morning. I cannot write about it yet, though. Jonathan Baxter and I bathed the cat early this morning, before lunching at some cute little diner in the DTES.

I really doubt that I can really, honestly ever return to work as a nurse. I think I will go the PWD way.


piktor said...

PWD = PetsWithDisabilities? Sounds great!

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