Thursday, August 20, 2009

8-Things Thursday ~ a Meme

Magpie Girl asks, what 8 virtual friends would you like to meet IRL?

Andie (aka K9) ~ Chickory ~ I have known this girl from the beginning of my blogging 'career' ... she's got a Rhodesian Ridgeback and about 2 or 3 chickens ... yes, chickens. She helped me thru the awful experience of losing my beloved Afghan Hound. And she drew that sketch of me, which appears in the sidebar. She's a fabulous artist! She will forever be on my radar.

Cora (aka Mayden) ~ Mayden's Voyage ~ A true southern belle ... she makes cookies and sends them to her blog friends, which happen to be scattered all over the world. I have spoken with her on the phone ... what a sweet a soothing southern drawl she's got. I want to have dinner at her house ... she's a good cook.

Susan (aka Enemy of the Republic) ~ Cruel Virgin ~ A brillian genius with a heart and soul. She DOES NOT serve bullshit sandwiches on her blog ... ever. I love her to pieces ... really.

Kayce (aka Lucy) ~ Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy ~ A sort of kindred spirit. She writes honestly and beautifully. She's not bad with the ole camera, either.

Christine (aka BlissChick) ~ Blisschick ~ love her, the inspiration she exudes, and her REAL-ness.

Susannah ~ Ink on My Fingers ~ I cannot remember how I found this jewel of a girl, but she captured my heart immediately. Reading about how she overcame a terrible loss and grew from it, as opposed to becoming that loss ... well, that moved me. And, her photography is splendid! I only wish I'd discovered her when I lived in Crewkerne, in the SW England. I was very lonely then, feeling so isolated ... desperately needing some female energy.

Cala Lily  ~ Because it is My Heart ~ she no longer posts to her blog, but do poke thru it, her words and posts exude a painful beauty; she writes about the ugliness of domestic violence, of drug addiction, and regret ... bittersweet regret.

Camilla Engman ~ Camilla Engman I read about her in Susannah's Creative Life interview ... what drew me to her? The following, (an excerpt from her interview with Susannah) about her childhood wishes:

... To have a horse, to ride to school was the second one. We lived in an apartment on the second floor, but I figured the horse could stay in the bathroom. Its name would have been Silver or Baron.

I have always wanted strange pets, not really appropriate for domestic living ~ a dolphin, a llama, a draft horse with very furry feet, even a panda. So, I could relate to this ... Also, Camilla's art intrigues me.


chickory said...

come on down to chickory! i will give you one of the chicks to take home. let me get one to laying stage. youll like that. i'll take you to the farmers market with me and sell art out of the back of the pick up truck listening to the old timers tell old mountains stories. we'll get mayden to come over too. xoxox

grrrrrrrherhahahaha oh but our early blog dogfights. wasnt that fun?

i really like camille engmans website. id like to set mine up in the same way. i did however change mine and am working on it as we speak.

Susannah said...

bless you :) (i am sooo loving the PMS cat right now!) x

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