Friday, August 14, 2009

Midnight Blue

I feel drawn to the colour blue this week. Blue ~ the colour of the ocean, sky, of sleep and of twilight. Blue lies on the short-wave-length side of the colour spectrum; typically we refer to it as a cool colour. Blue emits a calming energy. It symbolises truth, spirituality, and inspiration. Perhaps blue, for me, indicates a time of solitude, of reflection, of spending silent time with myself, rather than drowning my Self out with the company of others. That's what this week has brought ~ a gentle reminder that my Self is an okay companion, that I needn't lose my Self and her thoughts and inner workings to another, almost constant, human presence.

It's said that the plum is a symbol of resistance against extreme odds. Well, that describes life, doesn't it? Do you ever stop and ponder the enormous odds overcome, merely to exist - alive? The mere act of conception is a long shot, if you will. At every stage of development, life meets the challenge and overcomes another resistor. It also leads me to marvel at the connections made through blogging. Of the millions of people around the world, with their blogs, and podcasts, and flickr accounts, we have encountered and experienced each other.

Does it all make you ponder, even just a little?

Midnight Blue - those treasured thoughts of you
Warm words from a fantasy,
Oh, let the music play.
Midnight Blue - so lonely without you
Dreams fed by the mem'ries 
Oh, let the music play.
~lyrics from Midnight Blue by Louise Tucker

Do memories feed your dreams, 
tumble across your sleep, 
carried like petals in a breeze? 
Memories feed my dreams ~
at times it feels like bad medicine.


chickory said...

all the time it think about that. how fragile we are - everyday is a miracle - sounds corny but it is. after having my neck repaired twice my surgeon made sure to say -and often - every good day is a gift. spend it wisely. i wouldnt mind swimming in the ocean today...sadly i am more that 6 hours away. blue mountains for now..........

Mariana Soffer said...

Nice post, and amazing words, you brought me back to interesting memories with the tucker lyrics, you made me remember and think so many thoughts.

Pamela said...

I liked your comment, "My Self is an okay companion." It's so true that we can drown ourselves out with others. Thank you for the reminder and the peaceful and thought provoking post.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm here, but kind of hiding~ reading...but mostly breathing.
"Cora Blue" is my pen name, did you know that?
And yes, I meant it to be the kind of blue you described here. The blue of a Carolina sky that takes my breath away- the blue wich assures me of heaven and those who've gone on are out there- just beyond where I can see...covered up in the blue and waiting for me.
hugs friend~

(word veri was "heala" - interesting?)

VICKI IN AZ said...

I did something weird here to make my comment go away.
Just wanted you to know that I really like this ..."myself is an okay companion." Those are beautiful wise words Tinkerbell.

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