Friday, September 04, 2009

A Bright Light Amidst the Ugly Darkness

~ Dear Readers ~
I found this jewel amidst the foul-smelling and pain-stricken darkness of Canada's poorest neighbourhood (the notorious Downtown Eastside of Vancouver). Ironically, this garden is located right next door to the  so-called Safe Injection Site. In this neighbourhood, one can find the distinct odour of human waste, rats the size of small cats, people that appear rough on the outside yet tender and gentle on the inside, as much Crack Cocaine as your heart desires ... and this lovely spot ~ a beacon of hope, a reminder of endless possibilities.

~ Happy Birthday beloved Gypsy, if you were still alive, you would be 14 years old ... I know, I know, purebred Afghan Hounds don't live that long. I think of you so often, wish you were here, and feel much sunshine in my heart when I think how you made my world, and that of so many others, so much better. ~


Jo said...

Omigosh, I had no idea that beautiful garden was down there...!

That's wonderful.

K9 said...

you remain, always, that one that addresses the sorrows and the beauties together as they always are. great slide show and lovely garden. sweet gypsy. i know how hard it is to miss a dog. believe me. sending you love.

PS. you know my word veri policy. after this i wont comment - but that doesnt mean i wont read. i will and will let you know if you come see me. xo

Brandi Reynolds said...

thank you for shining light on beauty!

that was wonderful...

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