Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Reincarnation of Benjamin Disraeli?

In order to protect the spiritual integrity of this blog ~ a journey, really ~ I have moved any recent political posts to my political blog, Revolution Elements. I've imported posts complete with comments. Enjoy.


K9 said...

youre going to quote NBC with a straight face? the mouthpiece of jeffery immelt/GE? have you actually read HB 3200? Have you read John Holdrens, obamas czar of science's book on eugenics? how about Daschles book on american health care recommendations? read anything on what Ezekiel Emanuel, health policy adviser to obama has to say on the matter? many more questions but you get the gist.

with all due respect, it doesnt take guts to read this. but ive known you a while and i know that any comment to the contrary of what you have already decided is futile and not worth the conversation.

i thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism! LOL only for those you agree with *as usual*

your painting should arrive this week:

tracking # EG 086429409 US
you will have to sign for it.

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

All those words in the post ... and the think you fixate over is effing NBC! For me, it's not about agreeing or disagreeing. I don't take sides ... just my own side. I am not left or right ... i'm where I can see the bigger picture ~ up, up, up.

So, huney, don't call me a fucking commie because I support universal, publicly-funded health-care! Perhaps you need reminding which 'side' completely intruded upon the beautiful omnipotent wisdom of the free market? Your cowboy friend George W. Bush and his fascist friends decided that giant banks, financial corporations, and the Big 3 all were worthy enough social causes to receive BIG BAGS of $ from public funds!

Sounds like someone tried to control the means of production, don't it? And, oh yeah, and that's what communism is, isn't it? BTW, you many want to know that communists typically don't care for universally accessible health care, coz it props up the feeble and invalid. Hmmmmm, and fascists have the same POV.

I don't really care what sort of health care system you decide up, south of the 49th parallel. I'm up here, paying my taxes, getting health care I require, regardless of my net worth. Argue your viewpoint, just don't fucking lie to ramp up your PR!

Have you read about Tommy Douglas? Studied very carefully the guts of Canada's or UK's health care system? Cared to learn which industrialized nation has THE LOWEST life expectancy?

Hmmm. Likely not.

I'm not American, so your politics isn't anything I typically give the time of day. But I do have a sense of a sense of basic human respect, and find it pathetic that an elected representative thinks the best way to represent his constituents is to blurt out the way Wilson did! That's not patriotic dissent, it's down-right pig-headed and primitive in attitude!

This ain't no game, there ain't a red team and a blue team. There's just one fucking team ... humanity!

Just tell your friend Rush Limbaugh and his hunting buddies to stop lying to promote their positions.

PS I'll bet NBC is just as valid a source an any other polling outfit. But, if you want REAL journalism ... it's happening in the so-called commie lands of UK and Canada. (couldn't resist!)


Can't wait to get the painting. The points argued in post and reply ain't personal for me, with the exception of trashing the name of MY NATION. I don't eat bullshit sandwiches, so I had to violate my silent rule R/T politics in this blog to speak out against deception and Sh!t attitudes.

Love to you, Rottie grrrrrl.

K9 said...

wait, this happened once before. where you react to something i never said? i called you a commie? not once.

i think you know who i am so im stopping right here.

let me know when it arrives...i hope you like it!! xo

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