Thursday, October 15, 2009

13 Things Thursday No.1 ~ Things I Like That Begin With "A"

~ a box of 13 ~

  1. Aubergine, the colour
  2. Acorns, the rattle of several together
  3. Aurora Borealis 
  4. Afghan Hounds
  5. Aspers
  6. Apple Blossoms
  7. Ande Cook
  8. Azaleas
  9. Apple Powerbook Laptops
  10. Ancient History
  11. Au Fond du Temple Saint
  12. Argyle
  13. Alfredo


K9 said...

oh you are too kind!

i gotta job today. yep. im going to work at a really cute independent garden shop up here in the mountains. i'll be able to score plants for cheap so chickory will look good this summer!!

thanks for the shout out grrrrrrrrrrrl. you know i love you

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