Tuesday, October 06, 2009


shi ~ guardian lion

Shi = Lion. Have you ever noticed how common, the sight of a stone, marble or bronze lion, in Chinatowns ... in the Chinese culture? In Vancouver, they appear just about everywhere. And I have often wondered what they symbolize. Well, it seems the lion symbolizes a sort of protective power. Typically you'll see them in pairs, at the gate to Chinatown, and at the entrance of important, or sacred buildings. This one I captured at the height of summer, in front of the main branch of HSBC, located in Chinatown.

When I look through the lense of my camera, everything seems extraordinary. Everything.


Julie said...

I like what you see through your lense and the images captured by your camera. We all need a guardian lion - do we not? I'll have to add one to my studio - I think I have one lying around somewhere - now where did I stow it?

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