Saturday, March 13, 2010

Contemplating Vernal Equinox

I wonder about time. Like how it vanishes from my grasp so quickly. And, where does it go, when it does slip away, unnoticed? These past few weeks I could barely believe it, watching winter ebb away and spring approach ~ so swiftly. Tomorrow British Columbia makes the switch to daylight savings time, and so tonight I advance my clocks one hour. Anticipating spring. Hastening the sun to spend more time with us, warming and wielding. In spring, I celebrate the eruption of life, which awakens from its winter dormancy, in the wake of the softening of mother earth. I pause and observe in wonderment, my world metamorphose in response to the sun's intesifying embrace.

As earth approaches that perfect vernal balance between light and dark, I have felt myself draw closer, ever so closer, toward balance ~ balance of heart, mind, spirit and physiology. My own painful and wintery dormancy has begun melting under the warm glow of my recovery, my Self's renaissance, and my release of internal dissonance. Somehow, the vibrant transformation of mother earth's spring has soaked into my being. Eostre, the Saxon goddess of dawn celebrates her feast day on Vernal Equinox. With the dawn of each day emerges renewed possibilities ~ dawn resides within the diurnal cycle. The word eostre has the same Greek origin as the word estrus: a word that means frenzy. Surely you see the obvious similarity between the two words?

I welcome the spring of 2010 harbouring a soul engorged with freshness, vigour, and magic. My life will unfurl in a most  mysterious and magnificent manner this spring. A ravaging personal winter ~ replete with detachment, grieving, and frightening insanity ~ served as a necessary pedagogy. I suppose the rapture of spring lies within the existence of winter?

east 11th mural-1

Pray, tell me readers ~ what does spring mean to you?

Here's my answer. Vibrance. Soft colours. Delicate petals, sprinkled with prismic raindrops. An explosion of plump, pink cherry blossoms that swell so much they look like pink popcorn growing on trees. Unfurling magnolias ... magnolias that look like splendid, sublime roses, in the lense of my camera. Rain ~ delicate and soft, a gentle constant rain. Verdant ... green and lush vigour, bathing in the serenade of birdsong.


As my way of celebrating the richness, promise and joy of spring, I've put together a collection of 6 desktop wallpapers (all size 1024 x 768)  for you, my blog friends, followers and readers. Enjoy these only for your own personal use (be cool and respect my intellectual/artistic property please)

remember to unzip the file ~ aka extract the archive ~ after you download.


Tess said...

Thank you for the wallpapers!
I love that you point out the shared origins of eostre and estrus. Yes, although it is still very cold here, the growth is gathering pace.

To me spring is light later, sunshine turning from pale to darker gold, daffodils not quite, almost, nearly, yes there's the flower. Green and gold. I imagine wood nymphs shaking off the sleep of winter.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

It feels very spring like here today--64 degrees!! I love spring!! I'm excited to celebrate May day.

In Transition said...

Spring is my favorite time of year! It always feels to me like my soul is waking up along with the world :O)

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and as always your inspiring words.

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