Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Friends;

I have little brilliance to share here, with you all. Zoloft withdrawal [stoppage, really] has given me a raging case of PMS this month. Apparently the rage of the raging PMS has reduced my cognitive capacity for any sort of higher order thinking. I feel sort of .... like this.

So, to brighten this little world, I've put together some eye candy of mind, for you to feast your eyes upon. [See below]. Spring continues to out-pace itself here in Vancouver ~ Sakura cherry blossoms, and magnolias are at least a full 2 weeks ahead of their time last spring! And the camelias! Well, they're still so full and luscious ~ since Olympic times it seems! Half-way down my street lives a red camelia bush, and I love walking past and feasting my eyes and heart on the beauty affixed to the tree, and also the fallen petals just below it. I can barely resist the urge to fotograf this sight each time I walk past! My camera doesn't seem to mind one bit!

Oh, and about my camera ... my humble little Sony Cybershot ("inherited" from my son when he left home a little over a year ago) has gotten replaced ... by a Nikon Coolpix. I reaaaally wanted the red version, but alas, so did everyone else, and so, I settled for the black. And so, Roxanne luuuuuvs the 12 Mpx, the 15x zoom, and the external memory that holds hundreds of fotos at the largest resolution. [Compare to 6 Mpx and 3x zoom, and no external memory!] Birds on a wire ... the North Shore mountains from waaaaay afar ~ they've become mine, finally! Happy happy, joy joy.

I've recently finished reading this book. Interesting, and quite amusing, too. And now? Now I'm into Mary Magdalen: The Essential History. Absolutely interesting! Especially the inevitable discussion of how the chauvinistic self-appointed guardians of the biblical canon conflated the various Marys of the NT into the penitant whore which the Vatican would have us believe was Mary Magdalen. This touches a nerve with me ~ it embodies the anger I harbour against the self-idolizing Catholic Church.  So many just sit there and swallow all the crap that clergy throws us, lock, stock and barrel. I mean, why should I believe the word and thought of a man, a mere human, who promotes himself to representative of God on earth? Fallible ... yes, fallible ~ the Pope. A look at history reveals a long line of nasty men who called themselves Pope.  You can check this yourself ... I'll refrain from boring you, or angering you, if you're one of those mindless sheep that believes what an elected official wearing a fancy hat tells them.

I doubt that it's coincidence, this renewed interest in Mary Magdalen, in Jesus, in the Passion, which I've stumbled upon this week. [I've had this book for months, in a pile at my bedside!] No, likely an angel's way of reminding me ... reminding me to contemplate the Paschal Mystery. And that leaves me thinking of my full moon collage ~ many have called this latest [March] full moon the full worm moon. I prefer paschal full moon, because it embodies renewal, rebirth, resurrection: all the spirits to which I cleaved, as I constructed that collage.

And now ~ some eye candy. Happy Easter.

Whimsical Ones

Whimsical Ones

Roxi's Moxi ~ Visual Diary

Roxi's Moxi ~ Visual Diary

Art Therapy

Art Therapy


K9 said...

what a GREAT picture. oh that poor male lion. she is a bad ass. hilarious. i may have to save this for my image vault. i love your digital collages. i went to your page and saw buddhas fairy it in that ornate golden frame. really like the watercolor like backgrounds like on "cookie kisses" - very pretty. and of course, you excel at the blog design. i wish i could go to school learn the css but i keep thinking it will all be wysiwyg soon.

feel day pms will be a funny memory.

and yes i killed K9 for good. theres nothing more to debate. its time to just live and try and eeeeek out as much goodness and beauty as i can. i know you understand.

xo ande

X. Dell said...

Looking at the male lion, I'll tread lightly around these pages. Still, I can understand why you're taking a breather from the Zoloft.

I think I'm more drawn to the whimsical images, but knowing me, I'd kinda suspect that.

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