Monday, March 08, 2010

Grab Hold and Let Go

The Heart of The Matter

Having visited the white madness that constitutes around the bend, I often spend time contemplating the elusive happiness. I wonder about the what, why and how of happiness. What defines happiness? How do I get some? Can I buy happiness ~ do I think it really that simple?

Do I see the destination or the roadmap? I see the roadmap when I look at happiness. This roadmap requires us to grab hold and let go; to plan and also to savour the spontaneity of the moment; to live and to die. Happiness describes a filter through which we live our daily existence. Happiness does not describe a state of being.

Velvet Magnolias

Life finds a way because it seizes the light. My choice to embrace the light in living necessitates dismantling my darkness. Fear by fear. Lie by lie. This constitutes the work of living ~ the proverbial work-in-progress, my very own work-in-progress. I've spent so much time sifting through the broken wreckage of my nightmares and terrors. Touching every piece of shrapnel, holding each in my hands, and then, commiting to sensory memory their blistering heat. Living requires me to scour my own landscape for clues to clarity ... clarity on how to let go.  

Living requires acceptance. My own acceptance.


Tess said...

I almost don't know what to say in this comment, this is so personal. And very beautiful and true. The photographs and words make a harmony that I am trying not to grab.

K9 said...

beautiful in words and imagery.

Anonymous said...

This entry of yours for sure is able to provide a meaning of and for life - one can only be glad to have it read, even at nearly half past two in the night.
A deep bow in respect of your being and the way you write.

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