Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Five

I've come up with a meme that I might like to do on Fridays from time to time. It's a list 5 items long, a sort of casual what-I-did-what-I'm-thinking-this-week list.

Lucky Number 5
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  1. I've discovered that I like Desperate Housewives. That's like, as in hooked, can't wait to see the next episode.
  2. I've joined a fotografi sharing blog!
  3. I've also discovered Glee. Who knew I could like something like that?
  4. Why do flowers close at night, only to re-open again in daylight? How is it that a flower can bloom ~ open so widely ~ before our very eyes, without us noticing any sort of movement at all?
  5. I've  seriously got to do something with my fotografi. Something special and unique. Like, a merge of fotografi and writing. Yeah, like that.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to read this wonderful calidoscope of the five senses. With regard to recent events over here, felt nearly like an oasis. Thanking you much, wishing you a wonderful Thursday.

daily athens

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