Sunday, May 16, 2010

And, Then I Became a Butterfly

Butterfly Girl, originally uploaded by anEccentricMagnolia.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Today and tomorrow I call slim pickin's.  The last vestiges of anything in my fridge or cupboard in the days that lead up to payday. This means joyriding to downtown cuz that's where the free meals happen! So I went ~ grudgingly ~ to a place I call the bitchery to get me some lunch. While there, one of the staff mentioned a BBQ going on at Victory Square. Free hotdogs? Yeeees ... I'm there, baybeee. The sun shone, great musical acts played, some people danced in the park and they gave away free cupcakes to anyone who wanted. They even had a face painter dressed like an ivy faerie! Meh, I'd never done anything so impulsive and silly and fun as having my face painted. My little voice asked me, so, what're you waiting for, grrrrl? My answer? I dunno. And, dear readers, the picture says it all! {pssst ~ that's what I look like without my glasses}

*face painting done by Bryony Lake ~ Flaming Moon.


foam said...

great photo!

Tess said...

I adore this, what a wonderful thing to do.

claire said...

You are giving me ideas, Butterfly girl! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Those wings of a butterfly, surely are only able to provide good. A wonderful Wednesday for you.

chickory said...

love this....and the sound of your voice. no better way to dress for hotdog eating. xo

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