Friday, May 14, 2010

Graceful Awareness ~ part 1 ~ Food and Eating

I spotted the bright sun just beyond the bedroom curtains the moment I opened my eyes. Thursday ~ Mindfulness Living Course day. Today [Thursday], week two. This week, we expanded our mindfulness practise to the senses: mindfulness as a sensory experience. Eating. Walking. And breathing, always breathing.

Mindfulness eating reminds me to chew my food. It reminds me that chewing my food somehow enhances its flavour.

 And, if I remain aware of my eating, as in awareness on a physical, sensory level, I lessen the likelihood that I will overeat.

The mindfulness eating exercise made me wonder about a link between the societal epidemic of obesity and the mindlessness with which we approach food and eating.

We shovel the food from our plate into our mouths, sometimes without ever chewing it. Typically, while we eat, we engage in some other activity, such as reading or watching TV. Before we know it, we've eaten our plate all up, without much awareness of what it felt like, tasted like, smelled like.

Perhaps that makes us want more?
Photograph by Gourmeted


Lady Prism said...

Mindfulness while eating is something I honestly don't practice. I spend time in the kitchen cooking for people then sit down with them gobbling up. I tell myself I would watch what I eat but every thought is lost once I sit down.

This lovely post of yours goes very well with my life today. I am right now making a list of everything I am going to prepare for the table the coming days. Your thoughts on food is such a good reminder for me to put sense and meaning into everything I do. :D

Anonymous said...

An important voice you provide tonight. Took me a couple of years to stop, eating while being on the move from one lesson to the next.
Nowadays sit meself on a bench, even if that means running later to be on time.
Please have a wonderful Saturday.

Tess said...

This mindfulness while eating is something I resist. Have to explore why...

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