Friday, November 05, 2010

Fotografi ~ A Metaphor for Life

A blog post I read recently got me to thinking about fotografi ~ the practice of which I immerse myself in, of late ~ as a sort of metaphor for life. Indeed, the art of fotografi lies in framing and focus, in addition to manipulating light. So much surrounds me ~ amazing beauty when viewed through a lense of frame and focus otherwise, somewhat chaotically composed, conceptual or visual noise.

Until recently I practised very simply ~ only the camera’s internal memory, which affords a very limited number of exposures ~ 24, I think. Focus within focus became routine. Constant consideration of focus becomes not a constraint, but a foundation or supporting structure for expression, spontaneity. And, thus we can truly become ourselves, [authenticity], when we stop focussing on what next. We can sink into our experiences, and express them, rather than collect them. Then, we exist within our aritistic expressions. Visual art, being a visual portrayal of the rendering artist.

And so, there’s certainly nothing wrong in experiencing new things, but perhaps we ever remember to sink our presence into each experience?


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