Monday, May 09, 2011


Ode to Joy, originally uploaded by anEccentricMagnolia.

In 2 weeks' time my Mum will turn 80 years old. Wow. That means she will become an octogenarian. How time has flown, especially now that time says I'm a grown-up.

But, you know the interesting thing? In my heart, Mum remains ageless. She certainly doesn't look her age, on the outside, to the world. I know, though, that her place in my heart counts the most.

And, as for me being grown-up? To my Mum I am and shall ever be the baby ... You know that she's still the one I run to, when I have an ouchie? And she still dispenses her loving care with tenderness, even over the phone.

How blessed am I?


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