Friday, June 10, 2011

Trust30 ~ Divine Idea

Divine idea ~ force of the moon  ~ a creature with cold, forbidding beauty, born under a dark star. Living a nightmare from which he cannot wake. A stranger to himself, he sits inside a prison of intoxicating rage, stitching the tapestry of deceit ~ his. He sells truth to the highest bidder ~ his word erratic as the wind. His exquisite face, grooved with sorrow. Happiness has died for this, a sad ghost. Still, his blistered, broken heart belongs to me. My love for him dances, naked, on my face. My love for him, the blood of his soul. And, perhaps, of mine.

image from deviantArt

{this post inspired by the #Trust30 writing challenge}


Christina said...

i loved letting this set right beside my soul.

happy weekend, friend.

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