Monday, July 25, 2011

Those That Did Not Make It

As I ponder the personal, emotion and spiritual work I had to do to get one year clean, and the work it takes to remain clean, I take a moment to reflect on those that did no make it .... how sad, for them, and moreover for those left behind, who loved them so.

Going to rehab remains one of the best decisions I ever made.


Christina said...

i loved that you shared this.

K9 said...

let me tell you this: that you made it, is a gift to all of us that know and love you; and I am very proud of you. I think of our path thru blogging -first as adversaries on "possibility of fire" then tentative friends, a few tiffs here and there....and into friendship - one artist to another. You salvaged your creative spirit by making this incredible journey. I hope to see many more happy milestones.


Susan said...

I agree with K9 wholeheartedly.

X. Dell said...

Getting something meaningful and lasting out of rehab is probably a wiser thing than most of us will do (myself included).

And K9's quite correct in the belief that your strength and courage are almost as big a gift to the rest of us as simply your existence.

Of course many don't make it. Perhaps the death of a public figure painfully reminds us of that.

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