Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Seven

It's Sunday Monday. I haven't got much to say. Except to pass along these 7 cool sites to check out.

1. A Beer for the Shower ~ Hilarious, entertaining. Good for a laugh. And yes, they will tell you how you can enjoy a beer in the shower.
2. Verbal Release Therapy, anyone? ~ A little raunchy, so don't go there if your squeamish at the sight of the word f*ck.
3. Make Exposition Your Bitch ~ For all the writers out there that struggle with exposition as they try to stitch together their stories with their pens or keyboards.
4. Once Again ~ A breath-taking video I found on Vimeo.
5. Inspired by Tennyson ~ Found on Vimeo.
6.  Move ~ Visit 11 countries in 1 minute.
7. Order The Penmonkey Surprise ~ advice for writer.


X. Dell said...

Who doesn't like to drink suds while covered with suds?

All of those look like interesting stops on the information superhighway.

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