Thursday, October 13, 2011

What??? It's Thursday Already??

I am still in my PJ's. Working on a deadline of tomorrow. And LMAO at CrackBlackberry users. I am deeply, madly, obsessively in love with my MacBook Pro. I have ordered McDonald's for supper. I know, I know. But, a grrrl's got to let loose once in a while, doesn't she? I spent 2 hours in Abbotsford yesterday; that was enough for me. The 6 hours of bus riding made me ultra exhausted. How is it that travelling can be so incredibly tiring? I mean, when you're just sitting there?  I left Abbotsford with a duffle bag, which I filled with a frozen pizza, a feather pillow, a bathrobe, pair of slippers and a bottle of facial astringent. I forgot to look at the calender. So, I had to Facebook message my roommate and get her to tell me when my period will start. The bathroom floor here is crack-your-head-wide-open slippery. Like, the previous tenant must have gone mental with floor polisher. Like, I need Batman's suction boots whenever I go in there.


X. Dell said...

Funny. I feel that way every Thursday. By the time I realize the week's almost over, it's Friday.

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