Saturday, May 02, 2009

Day 38

It rained early today, and then stopped for the afternoon and early evening. So that, by the time we went out, around supper hour, tiny prismic rain droplets sat upon the tiny white clover leaves, nestled among the grass blades. Looking down, through my camera's lense, upon a cluster of white clover, a perfectly formed little rain droplet, perched right in the heart it all, looked like a diamond. What magic!
Dear Reader, beauty lurks in everything ~ even the humble dandelion. My camera lense made a simple dandelion look like a grand yellow chrystanthemum! What joy! What grace ~ mother nature. The larged leaved lupine have begun populating our wild, untended patch. Lavender and pink, with the peaks of the stems shut tightly upon themselves, punctuated the open flower heads which populate the rest of the stem.

And later in the afternoon, I spotted a trough of cherry blossom petals lining the sides of Dunsmuir Street. Here and there around downtown I saw delicate pools of pink blossom confetti. What, about the colour pink, stirs my soul so? I find it simply delicious and yummy. Pink resonates happiness, and love, and maybe even life. Pink increases my H[appiness]-Factor.

It's true what Dorthea Lange said about a camera ~ a camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without it. My camera is the vessel that holds the grace I capture with it, so I can save it for later use. Every chance I get, I want to capture the little graces that flutter around me, and bottle it. So that, when I feel somewhat grace-depleted, I can take a little swig to replenish myself.


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