Monday, May 04, 2009

Day 40

I began my day much later than I'd originally planned. But, I had a sound, peaceful sleep. Complete with dreams. The overcast sky, which hung so close to the ground, makes one feel a little sluggish, but the rain makes things grow, and washes the dust away. I feel thankful for that geeky friend of mine, who did some more geeky improvements to my OS.

Keeping a gratitude attitude fills me with joy, even if daily circumstances unfurl differently than I'd hoped. I have found a KEWL website called Daily OM. It contains a treasure trove of articles containing food for the body, mind, soul. The site has inspired me to develop a happiness manifesto or mission statement, which I will include in my book.

And I have discovered a wonderful way to use my photographs as writing prompts. Sarah Salway gave me the idea, with her 50-word photo stories. What a clever idea! I know I will have fun with this ~ so will my muse. I feel so right, so me, so Roxanne, at this point in my creative journey. I feel so thankful for the saving grace of creativity and creative spirit.


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