Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thinking About Worth

Dear Diary,  I have spent more time that I care to recount, contemplating a detachment of myself from my profession (from the work force, really), in an effort to preserve my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Letting go of my professional status, of my employed status, initially felt like giving up my personal worth. Until recently I did not really stop to consider why.

What determines our worth? What makes us worthy? Do we need to perform a certain task, acquire a certain something, possess a certain talent, or look a certain way? Must we score a certain minimum on an IQ test, or accomplish a number of pre-set criteria? Does worth exist innately within us, or must we earn it with good behaviour and lovely looks? Can anyone remove or diminish my worth?

No. We cannot measure or change personal worth. But, we frequently forget and even ignore it. This leads to the construction of a false worth, based upon judgement of our actions and behaviour, based upon fulfilment of expectations. Does it seem right to reduce ourselves to a series of expectations? To failures and successes? No. Then, what makes us worthy?

  • Our Creature Status
  • Our Unique Existence
  • Our Inner, Intangible Beauty
  • Our Duality of Being 

Image by Lamia Luna ~ DeviantART

Look ... and ... See


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Last week I wrote in my journal about self worth! I felt uncertain, un-lovable, and passionless. But all of those feelings were from outside influences...the truth was (and is) that I am worth knowing, and I am worthy of love- for the reasons you outlined in this post.

Well said, and I appreciate finding you on the same wavelenght~ Hugs and be well <3

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