Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Accidentally On Purpose

I purchased and registered the domain name for this site on the heals of a serious physical illness which culminated in my hospitalization for 5 days. A reminder of my own biological vulnerability, ie, my body's fallability, left me humbled, taking little for granted. I had only just re-discovered photography, quite accidentally, my very first night home from the hospital. Poking through a box of assorted items Logan had left a month prior, on his departure to Manitoba, I came upon an intact Sony Cybershot camera. It functioned fully and properly. And so, I accepted the gift of vision that came upon me through this camera.

As I convalesced, I felt graciousness that comes with recovering from a nasty illness. I heard the oft-repeated message of keeping a gratitude journal as though I'd never heard it before. I quickly learned one becomes what one sees. And, I discovered the truth of Dorothea Lange's description of the camera. Engaging myself through creative challenges [such as 37 Days, and Project 365] helped build me structure, which I seemed to crave as I considered the topography of a healing path, and as I began asking myself, could i really call myself an artist, a photographer?


pen* said...

"i quickly learned one becomes what one sees"
i like that.
i like that a lot.

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