Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Grey Flannel Petticoat

a peek into my sketchbook ~Messenger

I've begun sketching, again, for some reason ... after a considerable absence from my sketch books. It fuels me, in the ways of wonder, whimsy and child-like imagination. It comforts me, wraps me in the bold coziness of YES. It teaches, and tells. It provides the motion my mind requires in order to contemplate, consider, concoct and commit. This feels good.

A few splendid and sparkling ideas have started rattling 'round in my head. I've described some briefly, below. More about the projects, into which these ideas will metamorphose, soon. In the meantime, I shall ponder this lovely, colourful forest I stumbled upon just a few hours ago. Please do hike through the sights, sounds and scents of 500 Colored Pencils.

Aperture ~ I am thinking about an e-course that introduces photography as a treatment tool for mental illness. Much of the imbalance and distress we experience in our mental and emotional realms orginates from certain thoughts we think: if your car is stuck in the mud, until you accept that it's stuck in the mud you won't be able to call a tow truck. Kinesthetic, experiential activities provide the best means of learning new critical skills.

Endeavours such as Project 365 (or some variation thereof) and Gratitude Journal have a role to play in mental ... emotional ... spiritual aperture stop. It's not enough just to take part in such challenges for the sake of saying we've done so ... the exercise then looses meaning. Success occurs not when we've completed an entire 365 days of photographing ... or making lists of things for which we feel grateful.  Success occurs when we've started feeling changed ... when we begin feeling the warmth of the sunbeam on our skin.

Day Dreamer ~ Inspired by this neat idea, I want to capture my Self by day ... in a sort of written version of the snapshot. I like the idea of capturing the tiny, mundane details of a day ... immortalizing them in visual form.

My Lovely List ~ I think this girl's got a fabulous idea. So simple, really: an ongoing list of things I love.

Community Gardens ~ I do so love gardens, and I have a special place in my heart for community gardens. After photographing one community garden here in Vancouver, and reflecting upon the multi-faceted way in which it nourished its gardeners and the community at large, I got inspired. Not just beauty and sacredness draw me to create a portrait of the community garden in Vancouver, but also sustainability and mother earth.

I have one or two other photography projects in mind, as well. This, in my effort to challenge my Self creatively and take my fotografie to a new level, where planning, focus and execution reside. I've  come to see how very intimately my fotografie depicts Vancouver, ie from the inside out. A place where the ocean, the rain forest and the mountains embrace ~ what a special and unique experience.


Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I love your drawing! I am a huge fan of the Love List. :)

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