Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chemical Reactions

I wondered if I was just the sum of my brain scan, little dots clustered in my frontal lobe. Is that where the poems came from? The desire to destroy myself?
–Betsy Lerner, Food and Loathing

Have you ever wondered like that? I sometimes like to lose myself in the thought that I am merely a culmination of various chemical reactions occuring at the cellular level of my body. What directs these chemical reactions? Is that where individuality resides? When I consider pharmaceuticals and their effect, it can make sense - chemical reactions fueling existence. Perhaps the Seroquel XR I'm taking bridges some cellular, chemical gap or deficiency. The perceived effect being an insular stabilizing of my mood. Does it all seem a bit too simple? Can we really distill life down to a few chemical reactions?

I wonder. Perhaps, then, divinity resides within those chemical reactions?


piktor said...

Divinity resides in the whole.

Medicines help heal the broken connections within you that keep you in despair.

You help yourself become whole by accepting something is broken and by accepting repair in the form of medicine.

Medicine is a tool, not an end.

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