Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day 314

  1. For friends that share what they have with me
  2. For strangers that also share what they have
  3. For those who share the very last of what they have with me ~ how very special!
  4. For so many wishcasters, sending me wishes
  5. For a sunny day and a long, long walk
  6. For a big, sweet, juicy navel orange ~ the taste and also the fun of eating it
  7. For the cleansing and catharsis of tears
  8. For the hope of new beginnings


Lady Prism said...

* beautiful list!

Mary Roy said...

i found you from somewhere. I'm recently semi-diagnosed as bipolar 2. not a "text book" case apparently. hope i can visit you often and pick up bits of fun and wisdom to instill in myself. i'm struggling right now. i've lost my muse for a while. come visit me sometime at

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