Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mummy, I Love You

1. Lion cub in mother's mouth at dawn, 2. Mother´s love, 3. Mother's Day, 4. Happy Mother's day!, 5. Young Mother, 6. Mother's Day, 7. Mother and child, 8. Mothers And Daughters, 9. A Mother's Day Lamb-ent - EXPLORED with thanks!

Anne Marie Jarvis, following the death of her mother in May, 1905, campaigned tirelessly to establish Mother's Day as a recognized day. Eventually, several years later, she grew disgusted at the almost vulgar commercialisation of Mother's Day, getting herself arrested in 1948 while protesting against what she saw as an abuse of a day which recognises Mothers everywhere.

In my opinion, Mother's Day exists in EVERY DAY. I am a living legacy to my Mummy ~ my biggest fan.


Tess said...

Your posts have been coming thick and fast recently and I don't know which one to comment on, so have settled for this.
It seems to me your writing is going from strength to strength, and there are always such INTERESTING things here when I visit.
Thank you.

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