Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Five ... plus

Lucky Number 5
Originally uploaded by krkdesigns

1. seen ~ lilacs in bloom

2. tasted ~ toasted blueberry bagel, topped with a spread of melting butter

3. heard ~ birdsong, from a chorus of birds right outside my windows

4. scent~ the spicy, floral cinnamon scent from a bouquet of gerberas, fresia, and carnations that's sat on my coffee table for the past week

5. felt ~ the annoying pain of a thrice ruptured soleus muscle [grrrrrr]

... Plus ... 

below, what I found when searching plus on flickr, called Andrew and Anubis ~ a piece by this amazing artist; I've coupled it with two more thoughts I wanted to add to this post.

currently contemplating ~ a reminder from someone I love that empathy runs both ways ~ like a two-way mirror ~ and patience flows infinitely.

{i fear my heart lacks patience and focus, in times of disappointment and frustration}

the week in a word ~ meditate

{my first encounter with meditation amazed and refreshed me! i love it!}

photo: les beaux et les plus beaux by Bart van Damme


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