Thursday, May 06, 2010

Our Krazy World and Mindfulness Living

A pod of dolphins in Howe Sound? A grey whale swimming on the Vancouver shoreline, right in False Creek, as in downtown? A minority government in the UK? A meltdown in the stock market, because of human error? ANOTHER oil spill? Early roses? Late rhododendrons? Has the world gone awry?


Does the good news miracle of a grey whale in Howe Sound for the first time in 100 years even begin to balance out the terrible, destruction embodied in news of an oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico?

I fear not, dear ones.

The world feels new, fresh, and so do I, actually. All because of my very first encounter with meditation. Imagine that. I have begun an 8-week mindfulness living course. It takes place at the beautiful Unity Yoga Teahouse. Today I had my first class ~ fabulous! I felt such peace, such serenity during the group meditation. I really believe there's some spiritual power in a group of individuals meditating, together. I have my concerns about the yoga (alas, my poor sense of physical balance), but it's gentle yoga, they tell me; I hope so!

{photograph Aukana Buddha by Ze Eduardo}


Anonymous said...

Sitting up straight, with thoughts alike - to be able to cope with the curves of life.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

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