Sunday, January 23, 2011


Something ~ some unknown, unnamed source ~ beckons me, in, this, my emptiness. I both welcome and dread this thing I shall call emptiness. Welcome, because I can fill an emptiness. Dread, because of that melancholy feeling that acompanies emptiness. My listless heart yearns, just yearns. Will I know when I finally find that unknown thing which calls me?

image by Romeo_Tango


Andrea Paterson said...

I know that empty feeling well. Sometimes it can be a source of great creativity, other times it's a source of stagnation. I hope you manage to hone in on the thing that calls and allows you to live more fully.

Christina said...

i think you will know when it calls you... i hope. ; )
i am there, i like to call it january.


X. Dell said...

I can relate. What's funny is I don't know sometimes if I've embraced the emptiness, or simply acquiesced to it.

claire said...

Maybe your emptiness needs you as a friend... :-)

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