Saturday, January 22, 2011

From the Clear Centre of My Heart

"from the clear centre of my heart, there are no edges to my loving you."

My son turned 25 today. Wow, seems like only yesterday I watched him as a 10 year old boy.

I have felt as though in some sort of mild funk today. So, I hibernated and gorged myself on television and reading. My heart bears the weight of a strange restless, listless fog. I rearranged my room, in an effort to pierce through the monotony. I have attended only 1 meeting this week. I should have attended three. I could not bring myself. I find the energy of others exhausting and somewhat annoying. Sleep provides a satisfactory escape.


foam said...

the passage of our children into childhood is bittersweet ..
yeah, it's hard to deal with the burden of the listless funk at times.
it's sunny here today. may the sun shine upon your sunday.(and i'm talking more about our inner sun, although the actual sun doesn't hurt at all)

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