Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home ~ Pin-it-Forward

Welcome to today. Welcome to 17 June 2010. Welcome, it's my turn to pin-it-forward and share with you what home means to me. So, first, I want to thank Crafty Fanny for passing the pin to me. Second thanks to Victoria for organizing this mashup, and also to the people behind pinterest.

Now, here's my answer to the pin-it-forward question.

What Does Home Mean to Me?

1. Francois_Halard ~ People 2. Portugese Vintage ~ Portugese Vintage @ Etsy 
3. Fernando Gregory ~ Hide and Seek 4. Nicholas ~ Man of Mud

  1. Home is where my heart lives. I put my heart into making a mere space HOME.
  2. Home means a place where I can gather my favourite people to enjoy a meal. A gathering always invites joy, as the colour yellow reminds me.
  3. Home ~ a place where I can enjoy a cup of tea served in the prettiest of china tea cups.
  4. Home provides a place that welcomes the beautiful chaos of children playing.
  5. Home means sooothing, and warm ~ a place that welcomes lavender, raindrops and fresh cut lilacs.
  6. Home always welcomes fresh cut flowers.
  7. Home is filled with charming red doors, just waiting to be honoured and opened.
  8. Home is a whimsical, unique hideaway.
  9. There's no place like home.
  10. Home means a place where I can sink myself into a bed of feathers ~ waiting beauty and comfort. Home means I can let my hair down, paint my toenails, where I can wait. And, know what? Home waits for me, too.
  11. Home means where my roots have thickened and deepened.
  12. Home means where I can explore new directions. More often than not, home itself provides me with an idea or whimsy for a new direction. Home means safety, shelter, aesthetic so I can concentrate on my direction, and steering thereto.  
  13. Home means a place where I can envision so many possibilities which the golden staircase of life offers me. Joy lives at home.Above all else, home means clean; it means a place where I can hide away from it all, soak myself in my thoughts, or in a great book.
  14. Home means zen to me. Part of that exists in nature ~ a flower patch, a garden, and space where I can sit outside my door or window and ... zen.
  15. A kitchen ~ the true hearth of home, a place where family gathers for sustenance, both physical and spiritual.
  16. Home exists where my heart lies, aflutter. Home means those people with whom I share my space, and not just the space itself, regardless of how pretty.
  17. A touch of whimsy makes a flat home for me. Whimsy ~ not too much, not too little ~ reflects who I "am."
  18. An open door, a place where I always feel welcome, included, safe from the elements, from the chaos of the world.
  19. A sacred place, where I can embrace the stillness and starkness of solitary moments, where I can contemplate things much larger than me, than life.
  20. Art. Art makes me feel at home. Home feels barren and sterile without art to give some context and humanity.
  21. Home seems incomplete without a kitty, doesn't it? Kitty provides a formidable pest control, making home feel safe like it should.
  22. A place can never "be" my home unless clean to my standards. Home sweet home means any one can eat off of the floor, or even the toilet seat! What welcomes more than a spotless flat?
  23. Once again, home exists wherever the heart lies, fluttering, waiting, wanting, willing.
  24. Home means LOVE.
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Tomorrow, the chain continues at Markhed Design, where Marie will share her vision of home as she answers the pin-it-forward question. You can check out the rest of the pin-it-forward posts here.


chickory said...

first, so sorry about the end - looking forward to reading about your beginnings. i love your blog design...always so beautifully laid out. cannot read the typewriter lines that small though. sending you the love, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. xo

R. Michaux said...

I am the owner of the "Love" photo you have posted to your blog (Rachel Michaux). My photos are copyrighted to me, and you did not ask permission to post my photo on your blog.
Would you please remove my photo from your blog?
Thank you.
--Rachel Michaux

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